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Nature Village Matugama is unspoilt, undisturbed & unique in its setting. Surrounded by a lush green forest with tea, rubber, cinnamon & pepper plantations - a must see place for nature lovers, bird watchers and nature walkers. A vast variety of birds chirping on the trees are a soothing sound to the ears in a serene atmosphere which is free of pollution.

Eco lodges at Nature Village Matugama have been constructed using wooden panels, wooden poles, rock stones, sand, cement, mud & clay. Sleeping for approximately 15 pax on wooden beds with sturdy orthopedic mattresses, cotton bed linen and overhead mosquito nets for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The resort has Cinnamon, Tea and Rubber plantations and guests are encouraged to take part in peeling cinnamon, picking tea leaves and tapping rubber as an experience which they will remember for a lifetime.

The income generated from the sale of Cinnamon, Tea & Rubber is shared 50/50 between the work-force and owners thus encouraging and sustaining their well-being. Our prime motive is to improve and raise the living standards of the local people by maintaining an environmental friendly, community based, tourism development scheme.

Nature Village Matugama is committed to utilize natural resources and human labour with a clear emphasis to conserve the environment and to support and develop social and cultural values of the people in the area through Eco-tourism. Read more